The 'Doc's of Hazard

A Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Licensing Agreement
Media Rights Licensing Clearinghouse

Hey, Stephen!  Please say hi to Alicia Keys for me!

Thanks for looking at this!  I hope you like it.
I'd like to do a Cold Open maybe music video of this song parody, if we could coordinate from our respective homes.
If that sounds too difficult (I'm sheltering in place, so I'm absolutely available anytime, but), you could produce something yourself.
Please list me in the show credits either way!

In case you need licensing, I wrote an agreement for you to sign, or you could give me one of yours, but let's use mine.
Sign it, scan it and email it (or smail mail it), and let's get this jammin'!

I think if you could find someone (Willie Nelson?) to play guitar for the Waylon Jennings part, that would be best!

As for video sourcing, the song makes sense if Mnuchin & Trump are the two Robin Hoods.  I think we are on the same page everywhere else.

I'll sing, cause you'll like it.  Let the Fun Commence!

Stay Healthy!

All my love and respect,